Short bio-sketch:

2016-present: NWO Vidi laureate, University of AmsterdamIMG_3540

2014-2016: Marie Curie fellow, University of Cambridge

2011-2014: Hubble fellow, University of Michigan

2010-2011: Postdoc, University of Amsterdam

2010: PhD in Astronomy, University of Amsterdam

2004-2006: Master in Astronomy, University of Amsterdam

2000-2004: Bachelor in Physics, VU University Amsterdam

Quick links:

Full CV (updated April 2017)

Publications on NASA ADS (first author or all)

PhD thesis (UvA link)

Research interests:

Crust cooling of accretion-heated neutron stars

Quiescent properties of X-ray binaries

Low-level accretion onto neutron stars and black holes

Multi-wavelength observations of X-ray binaries

Thermonuclear X-ray bursts occurring on accreting neutron stars

The X-ray properties of the central supermassive black hole in the Milky Way

Selection of press:

2017: Mind the gap, Rapid burster behavior explained (ESA press release)

2014: Gas cloud on collision course with supermassive black hole (Dutch newspaper)

2014: Swift monitoring program of the Galactic center (HEASARC Picture of the Week)

2014: Black hole’s ‘Big Meal’ meal could spark fireworks (BCC news interview)

2014: NASA’s Swift catches X-ray action at Milky Way’s center (NASA press release)

2013: A cosmic sleight of hand (Sky&Telescope feature)

2012: Snacks for the supermassive black hole (German radio interview)

2011: Peeking into the interior of a neutron star (Dutch press release)